Sunday, May 15, 2011

New(er) Stuff

So, Erica has been challenging us to use Cricut Cake cartridges or only the features keys of regular cartridges for our creations.  I'm loving this, as it is challenging me to think a little outside the box, though it IS sometimes difficult to do.  This little invitation was for the features challenge last week when we could only use ONE cart on the project. Hope you like it!
Also, I made a card yesterday for my little cousin who turned 9.  He plays baseball for the local recreation department, so I made a little ballplayer with his uniform on.  He LOVED it! I was so excited; I just love it when folks like what I make! :)  Hope you guys enjoy it, too:
We have a new challenge to create up to 3 items using only the features buttons or cake carts.  They were to be due tonight, but an illness has prevented the judging and we get an extra day.  Check back in a day or two to see what I made (and if any of them won!)!

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