Friday, May 6, 2011

Erica's Room Challenges

All righty...if you haven't been to check out Erica's Room yet, you really need to!  She's at Mega Meet this weekend, so her blog isn't as up-to-date, but her FB page has us all working constantly. Our challenge now is to use ONLY the Special Features buttons on a cartridge (or cartridges) to create something...a card, layout, whatever.  NO regular buttons whatsoever.....yeesh!! I'm having a bit of a hard time with this one, but will be sure to post it here if and when I come up with it! :D

Who is Erica, you may ask?  She is my go-to person for anything Cricut!  If it can be done, she either knows how, or can get you to the right person/people.  She also has more energy and spirit (and giving nature) than anyone I've ever seen!  Come on over and meet her!  I'm sure glad I did! :)

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