Monday, February 20, 2012

Miracle Blog Hop

Today is a day for miracles! We are celebrating Ethan Pinter's 1-year anniversary of the miracle of Organ Donation and Life!  Thanks to an organ donor, Ethan has been given a second chance at life and that miracle has inspired us all to contribute our own Miracle stories and projects to commemorate this important milestone.

You should have come to me by way of the wonderful and talented Anita.  If not, please begin at the beginning with Melissa.  That way, you won't miss ANY of the wonderful stories and projects!

To be honest, I couldn't pick just one miracle story.  In my family, we have experienced so MANY  miracles that it seemed remiss to leave one out in favor of another....from my Granddaddy's miraculous escape from a German prison camp in WWII, to my uncle surviving a heart attack at the age of 39, to the miracle of my son's birth and on to two of my aunts surviving breast cancer - my family has seen its share of miracles.  The biggest miracle of all (outside of my son) has to be when I was in 7th grade and accepted God into my life and was Saved.  That day showed me how many miracles truly are in each and every day of our lives.  I've learned to not take anything for granted and to try my best to "let go and let God" as much as possible.  He has our backs in EVERYTHING and to Him we should all give thanks as much as possible.  

In His grace and wisdom, though, He's given us all a Family to help us make it through all of life's rough patches, whether that Family be of blood kin or other wonderful people we've surrounded ourselves with and THAT's the Miracle I want to share today.  The Miracle that is my Family.  Without them, I would be nothing, and my son would suffer as well.  So, for my projects, I want to share the Valentine Cards I made for my wonderful family. 

As you can see, there is nothing fancy about these cards; the only Cricut cut I have are the hearts that are on the two (one with the PKS face that was for my niece) cards, but nothing other than a few punches, stamps, embossing folders and my paper trimmer.  I do LOVE the heart embossing folder, though, that I used on most of is by The Paper Studio and can be found at Hobby Lobby.  It is a great way to show someone you love them!

That being said, I used my Valentine's Day cards as my projects because I truly believe that Love and Family are some of the greatest Miracles that we have been given, and we should always show love for them however we can. :)

Thank you for celebrating Miracles with us today. I hope you have had some inspiration from my projects. Now, on to the awesomely talented Audrey.

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